Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Touring the Grounds

Word to the wise. If you're fixing to have all your teeth out, don't plan on chewing anything for a while.

Making high quality custom infovideos? Different story.



LL said...

Nice tour. Looks as if somebody gave you a sound whack in the mouth...sorry. It will be better in the long run.

Mattexian said...

That takes some special talent to kill a cactus in Texas! What, no special appearance by Blue Superstar? My sympathies on the dental work; after my cataract surgery, I felt like somebody punched me square in the eye socket for a couple days.

Jules said...

I'm sorry about the dead cactus. You're unlucky there because the juices of cacti are said to be particularly beneficial in the healing process. I know this to be true as I had some in a margarita and I didn't feel a thing.

LSP said...

I'm not much good for anything right now, LL, except making ridiculous "movies." But it had to be done and the tooth puller tells me it's on the mend.

I'm looking forward to the titanium gnashers.

LSP said...

It's all a bit of a deal, Mattexian... Blue Filmstar will definitely make a future appearance!

LSP said...

Jules, the best bit about a Margarita is ordering another. Of course I can't drink right now because of the wretched teeth. All very Lenten penance.