Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Time Traveler Brings Back Photos Of Life On Mars

Proof has finally emerged that life exists on Mars, in the year 3812. Photos brought back by a young time traveler known only as "Mary", reveal buildings, a cathedral, and humanoid creatures living on the inhospitable surface of the red planet.

“Mars was very interesting and at the same time very frightening," stated Mary, 37, "It looked like a desert with many buildings and York Minster, I immediately took a photo. You can see the spaceships on which we came, you can also see the buildings."

The time traveler met with one Mars creature who called himself "Justsin" and wore a black coat. The humanoid took her for a ride in his flying car to see "the Sentamu."

“I was walking through the city when a man came to me who was wearing a black coat. His name was Justsin, he asked me to follow him to see 'the Sentamu' and we walked away and went to his car. 

"I couldn’t forget that emotion when I was flying above York Minster, on Mars.”

Ad Astra,



LL said...

There you go. Finally we have photographic proof, and who can deny that?

The sad truth is that the charlatans are doing well on the backs of their congregations. They offer lesbian liturgical dance. They offer carnival, thinly disguised as a religious service, they embrace the doctrines of the mob and the new morality, which is nothing but the old immorality.

LSP said...

Pretty strong evidence, LL, and what can we say, is there life on Mars, in the future? Apparently there is, in the form of the spacefaring Church of England.

And they keep doubling down on the same rainbow riding charlatanry that's made them so popular. Some kind of dark matter propulsion unit? Obvious not traditional, ahem, physics.