Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mass Immigration

Why do our corporate elites support mass immigration from, ahem, developing countries, asks Peyton Farquar at ROK. Good question, and his short answer is "a deadly combo of greed and virtue-signalling."

In brief, mass immigration drives down labor costs and increases consumption while neatly sidestepping infrastructure investment in countries like Angola, Syria or Burkina Faso. Why spend millions building factories there when you can move the workforce here. Bottom line benefit all 'round and handily supported by the Western taxpayer to boot. And it feels good, enter virtue-signalling.

The article concludes with a reflection on the "mind-numbing hypocrisy" of the elites in question:

It is this last reason—virtue-signaling—that most damns our elites. It is one thing to knowingly do great evil. It is entirely another to convince yourself you are good for doing it.
Despite careers spent singing the praises of open-borders, in their personal lives elites distance themselves as much as possible from the diversity they claim to love. The hypocrisy is mind-numbing. By dint of their enormous wealth they will never live in the ghettos, favelas, and no-go zones sprouting across the West. Their children will not attend schools equipped with metal detectors and knife wands. They will never wait in line at 7-Eleven behind a scowling Salvadoran draped in MS-13 tattoos. Most of them will live out their entire lives without ever once having to face, publicly or privately, the odious reality of their treason.

Strong words and you can read the whole thing here. But what happens if the migrants fail to get work, break the welfare state, don't integrate and cause precisely the kind of backlash the multiculturalists are against? 

I'll leave you with a typically alarmist comment from Zerohedge:

Over the next 15 years as socialism dies populations will become tribal. When that happens the blood of immigrants will flow as they are blamed for the collapse...

If and when that point arrives, corporate greed-driven strategy, to say nothing of de facto vote buying on the part of our politicians, will look short-sighted at best.



LL said...

When you blend mass immigration with the zeal that your betters exhibit in their desire to disarm you - it's going to be even more than a mess. For a look at how that happened in the past, stay tuned to Virtual Mirage tomorrow (shameless plug).

LindaG said...

I wanted to share this; but faceless book won't let me.

This is what I worry about. The socialist elite are always "do as I say, not as I do".
Annoying at best.

LSP said...

Thanks for the warning order, LL, I'll be sure to have a gaze. And while we're at it, I don't see how this is going to end well. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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Lock her up

LSP said...

That's interesting, Linda. Instagram won't allow links to LSP either. You can probably get around it by writing the .com part of the address "dotcom."

Well, there's nothing quite like censorship -- we need an alternative to FaceStasi.