Thursday, May 17, 2018

Get On The Fish

Rather than reflect on the Church of England's devolution into mawkish irrelevancy masquerading as radical counterculturalism, I went fishing. 

It seemed better to get by the water after Mass and tangle with the ancient adversary than contemplate the Mullallyfication of the CofE.

Once again, the adventure started off with an empty pier, no pressure, and out went the lines with their tried and true #6 baitholder hooks and juicy worms, barely weighted with a split shot sinker resting around 12" from the hook.

Now, experts say the bigger the hook, the bigger the fish and I'm sure that's true but small hooks are notoriously capable of catching large fish as well as their smaller allies. You see, the smaller fish can't fit an enormous great hook in their mouth; they attempt it, greedily, then drop it in frustrated contempt.

Regardless, this hook logic works well if you're fishing indiscriminately from the bank and your emphasis is on catching fish, any fish. If you're singularly after trophy Bass or the awesome Striper or whatever, you tailor your rig to meet the need.

In my case, it's mostly just about catching fish and the above method worked well this evening, with no end of good sized Black Drum and a couple of fat Bluegills coming up for good measure. Pretty much every cast a fish, great result.

Fish on,



LL said...

I'm sorry that CofE is becoming the very thing that it fought against being - a mawkish bunch of catamites and sodomites who don't believe (and preach against believing) their own doctrine. Dancing with a fish on a hook is better than watching overweight lesbians wearing flats, parade around with streamers.

LSP said...

LL, I have to agree! It was a good evening and I left the river uplifted.

Saying that, must get out to the range and shoot AND get back in the saddle. Ideally you could do all of that in one day, kind of like a triathlon.