Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Beyonce Mass Better Than Clown Mass?

Pastor Jude Harmon of the Episcopal Church's Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, got more than he bargained for when he held a special Beyonce worship ritual at the famously LGBTQ church.

Within hours of the special service devoted to praising the popular singer, pundits were comparing the Beyonce ritual to a Clown Mass.

Jude Harmon, Left of Rainbow

"This is no better than a blasphemous Clown Mass," thundered one outraged Anglican clergyperson, who wishes to remain anonymous, "At least Clown Masses are honestly creepy, this isn't and that's scary." Others weren't so sure.

A Clown

"Clown Masses are deeply offensive," stated a senior member of the clergy, "Everyone knows that clowns at the altar are sinister and off-putting. Beyonce may be a member of the Illuminati along with her husband, Jay Z, but she's not repellently unattractive and frightening. Quite unlike a clown."

Several Baptist leaders were quick to point out that Beyonce's fertility goddess performance at the Grammys was idolatrous. At the star studded event, the pop diva superstar dressed up as the Virgin Mary and a Hindu deity, as opposed to a clown, leading some to accuse her of "immoral syncretism."


Unfazed by fierce criticism, Harmon defended his decision to host a Beyonce ritual instead of a Clown Mass at Grace Cathedral.

"I know there are people who will say using Beyoncé is just a cheap way of trying to get people in the church," Harmon said. "Jesus used very provocative images in the stories he would tell to incite people to ask hard questions about their own religious assumptions. He regularly provoked. We're following in the way of Jesus."

Beyonce And Abramovic, Third From Left

Grace Cathedral typically gets 50 people at its Wednesday evening Eucharist, as opposed to 900 for its Beyonce worship ritual. Known for rainbow riding diversity, Grace Cathedral's Pastor, Jude Harmon, opened last year's Pride "with a reflection and meditation on diversity, inclusiveness and religious tolerance."

Not The Virgin Mary

Beyonce was brought up a Methodist, the Episcopal Church was once Christian. Whether the Beyonce praise ceremony at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, is better or worse than a Clown Mass is something for you to decide.

Don't be shy, be the judge,



LL said...

Why wasn't Jesus born in Los Angeles? They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin. (yes, groan, it's an old joke)

Beyonce appeals to the baser and nastier parts of human nature to peddle her stuff. It's the Madonna business plan. And God has no part in it.

Jules said...

LL - Is LSP dissing the clown church?!!! I think someone needs a custard pie in their face, don't you?

Jim said...

I was raised in the Episcopal Church and I hardly recognize what it's become and that saddens me.

LSP said...

Sometimes the old jokes are the best jokes, LL.

Will Grace Cathedral host a Madonna praise ritual? Good question.

LSP said...

Juliette, Beyonce may or may not be a member of the Illuminati. What that makes Grace Cathedral is something else again.

LSP said...

It's a bad shame, Jim, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce can do no wrong. She is a queen.

LSP said...

That's an excellent point, Anonymous.

Don't forget Melania.