Friday, May 18, 2018

The Mullallyfication of the Church of England

Take a break from wondering if former CIA boss, John Brennan, and the rest of the coup conspirators will finally be brought to justice. Put that interesting question to one side for a moment and ask yourself this. What qualifies Sarah Mullally to be the Bishop of London?

Jules Gomes answers the question. Here's a snapshot:

So what are Mother Mullally’s towering achievements and phenomenal gifts that qualify her to be appointed to the third most important bishopric in England? Mullally’s crowning glory is that she is a feminist and so ‘necessarily subversive’ as she portrays herself in her debut sermon.
Feminism is subversive? Is the new Bishop of London so out of touch with cultural criticism that she doesn’t even know that feminism has been part of the dominant orthodoxy for ages? Feminism in the West is as subversive as environmentalists hugging trees and snowflakes cuddling teddy bears.

Gomes goes on.

So what are the other impressive credentials on Mullally’s Curriculum Vitae that dazzled her selection panel? Mullally unwittingly answers: ‘There aren’t many bishops who come from comprehensive schools, who are poly [polytechnic] girls and who did [part-time training] for the priesthood.’ 
‘It’s not just gender; it’s also your background that’s equally important,’ she adds. Translated from Anglican virtue-signalling gobbledygook into English, Mullally was chosen to be Bishop of London because she’s a woman who went to a comp school and polytechnic and trained at Saint Mickey Mouse Seminary.

The Rebel Priest then lists the seven pillars of Mullallyfication.




LL said...

What qualifies Sarah Mullally to be the Bishop of London?

She's clearly a womyn. I'm sure that she knows all the right dance moves. She looks interesting in the outfit. I'm sure that she'll kick her share of the take up to the Archbishop and cronies. She's progressive. What else would you want in the Bishop of London? There's the nagging question of whether she ever dated Yoko Ono, but this is a family blog, so I'll let that one hang.

The Egyptian said...

Her picture reminds me of a joke I heard during a performance of a Scottish band at a historical event. The band was all dressed in kilts, not the dressy ones, but the true with all nine yards of fabric, anyway they were singing about invading England, someone hollered "out you stole our cattle", and the band leader responded , "well they looked a lot better than your women"

How does the church of England find such horsey looking females, or are the good looking ones confidant enough of themselves they don't have to do force their way into men's work to prove how "valuable and smart" they are

As Rush said the National Organization for Women is for the ones that can't find a date

I am praying that the RC doesn't follow down the same downhill path, but with Francis the hippy pope who knows

LSP said...

LL, some say that "being with Yoko" is a qualifier for the presidency. I'm not one of those people.

Mullally? Good luck, CofE.

LSP said...

I think you're safe, Egyptian -- it's pretty much set in stone that they can't, thank God. Of course there's other things to worry about, like Chile. Words fail.

Pray for the Church and let's not forget the promise viz. gates of hell.