Monday, May 21, 2018

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Awesome Sermon

PB Michael Curry got up and preached at the Royal Wedding, even though the Episcopal Church is banned from representing Anglicanism at important events. Still, the remarkable Curry wowed audiences with his down-home southern revival, big tent delivery.

Dancing Fool

How affirming and diverse. I mean to say, we don't just employ these people to mow lawns at the country club, we make them bishops! How very Sewanee seersucker civil rights.

Don't Say Fraud

As you reflect upon Curry's remarkable accent along with his Yale and Princeton education, read this, by Gavin Ashenden.

Don't say What. A. Fraud.



LL said...

What is the difference between a "presiding bishop" and a generic "bishop"? I realize that's not much commentary on what I think of the wedding and the whole Afro-American thing, but the royals wanted sort of a minstrel show or they would have picked somebody else.

Adrienne said...

I've purposely avoided his sermon. It was quite enough to see he wicked Duchess of Cornwall snickering and trying to make Princess Kate laugh.

Just reading a few outtakes from your linked articles reinforces my thoughts that the guy is a annoying little toad and was the absolutely best choice for the Harry/Sparkle debacle along with beta male Welby.

I watched none of the wedding. I did, however, look at the pictures - once.

LSP said...

LL, the minstrel pantomime Curry is the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, their Boss. I won't say that he's a total fraud who assuages their country club, seersucker, Sewanee guilt.

Having that at the wedding?

Words fail.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I couldn't watch it.

And "toad" is too good a word.

Theodore said...

Solid article. The "sermon" left a stale taste in my mouth and this perfectly explained why.

I watched a bit of the goings ons and was struck by the fact that Welby's vestments seemed to have been designed by an aged, new-age, lesbian hippie in between her bouts of polishing crystals and smoking weed; all of which was to be expected from His Alien-ness.

LSP said...

TC, I have to quote you!

Jules said...

I found it hilarious to watch the crowd when he was preaching. But, his message though enthusiastic and not usual for High Church in England, was very entertaining and actually very nice.

LSP said...

Juliette, I'd be happier with the message if it didn't come from the heart of the rainbow cult. I know, I know, unicorns can be very beautiful! But beware their thudding hooves and goring horns.

lukeya said...

Missed it Padre, was working on the motorcycle.

LSP said...

Lukeya, fair play.