Friday, May 11, 2018

Outrageous Fishing

Unless you're a sad Marxist determinist or some kind of insane philosopher, you'll agree that we have free will, we can make choices. Some good, some bad, some tending towards freedom and others towards that other place which ends in iron tyranny.

No, Wymmin Can't Be Priests

With this in mind, we had a choice today at the Compound. Go fishing or sit in slack-jawed amazement at the wreckage of what used to be Western culture. The team took the better path, we went fishing.

Say No To Spirit Cooking

And BANG, pretty much out of the gate we were catching. Bluegill, Catfish and Bass; mostly Bluegill and a couple of keepers too, but they all went back. Some of you might want to know the detail. Here it is.

Defeat Globalist Elites

#1 Eagle Claw Bait holder hook, cheap as you like and then some. 1 medium split shot weight, placed appx 12" from the hook, 12' test (you never know). Bait, 1 half live worm threaded onto the hook with a chunk of Walmart shrimp (Cats seem to like the combo) and another half worm threaded below the shrimp chunk.

Smash The NWO

Presentation? Chuck it in! Well, test the water and see what works. I found that casting diagonally to a cross current tended to get good bites and... sometimes not at all.

Hey, a fish is a fish

Moral of the story? Get out and fish, and know the water. If you do, you'll be able to get on the fish with what they want and start catching. Which is the optimum result, but word to the wise, a few recce patrols don't hurt.

But of course you know all this. As it is, we lost count today. Result.

Gun rights,



LL said...

The WORST day fishing is better than the BEST day working.

LindaG said...

Amen to that!

LSP said...

We sure had a good result, LL. Best fishing in ages.

LSP said...

I can't argue, Linda!

Jim said...

Ah work. I recall how it kept interfering with my recreation, a problem since solved by retirement. Now I only work when and where I want to, usually at the local range where it's ALWAYS a best day working. Fishing? Anytime I wish, pilgrim.

Adrienne said...

Lovely fish (except for that muddy cat fish - because all cat fish are muddy)

I spent yesterday morning having coffee with some of the handsome men from the Post Falls Police department. They want me to be a volunteer, complete with a badge, a uni, and a patrol car. Good grief!

And today I shall thrust plants into pots to beautify my decks and snip at apple trees.

Let the pagan/commie/marxists flounder (no pun intended) about sending wails of grief unto their idols with each new Trump win.


LSP said...

Jim, you've successfully reminded me to go to the range -- it's a neat spot on a friend's farmland, set up for 100 yards with a surrounding berm and small shooting house + a couple of benches for sighting in. Just you and the guns and Texas. Nice.

LSP said...

Congrats on your new LE consultancy role, Adrienne! Perhaps you can carry a Derringer or a Glock or both, and be a force multiplier?

Speaking of which, I was asked to be a local PD chaplain and then... they chose some woman, who they're not happy with. I could've told them that and saved a lot of wimmyn aggro. Oh well.

As for the compagmarxists, let them stew in MAGA.