Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

On Memorial Day, we pause in solemn gratitude to pay tribute to the brave patriots who laid down their lives defending peace and freedom while in military service to our great Nation. We set aside this day to honor their sacrifice and to remind all Americans of the tremendous price of our precious liberty. President Trump

May those who gave their lives rest in peace and rise in glory.

God bless,



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LL said...

I heard President Trump's speech today. Heartfelt and appropriate. He's making the military great again and he's winning wars instead of behaving the way Barack did - and losing.

I'm not tired of winning yet. Winning means fewer heroes planted in the soil. Barack never understood that, and never really cared how many died as a result of his bungling. George W. Bush did care, but those around him gave him bad advice. At least his retarded brother Jeb! wasn't elected. Not as bad as Hillary - but a close second.