Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lord Tebbit Calls Bury's Gay Dean A Sodomite

Top Tory grandee, Lord Tebbit, has called Bury St. Edmunds' new gay dean a "sodomite" and is boycotting worship rituals led by Joe Hawes, who lives with his partner, Rev. Chris Eyden.

"I find it difficult to accept a sodomite as a member of the clergy who will, for example, be called upon to conduct marriage services," said Tebbit, "I will struggle to attend if he is officiating."

Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral

The outspoken Tory peer went on to assert his belief in the Bible and denounced homosexual activity.

"I just don't see how he can decently read the marriage service. I stand by what is written in the Bible, which is the basis on which the cathedral was built. It says the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God."

The Flag of Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral

"It cannot be a sin to be born homosexual. It is what one is. What I can't accept is the activity. I use the expression sodomite."

Lord Tebbit stated that he would continue giving financially to the cathedral, which he believes will "be there long after the dean and I are gone."

Hawes and Eyden

While the Church of England hasn't approved gay marriage ceremonies, Hawes and Eyden live together in a civil partnership, which is allowed by the denomination with the proviso that the partners don't have sex with each other.


One UK Barrister who wishes remain anonymous, commented, "Remarkable. One of the few occaisons I find myself in agreement with Norman Tebbit in 38 years. Clearly there's hope and redemption for us all."

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LL said...

Words fail.

Jules said...

I still don’t know how I feel about any of this. There’s a forgiving, open part of me that thinks I shouldn’t judge anyone and be kind to all, as Christianity suggests. So long as their sexuality doesn’t interfere with their theology and love of God, does it matter what they do personally behind closed doors? I have limited experience but enough to know that the church is rife with homosexuality so this isn’t anything new, it’s just publicised. On the other hand, I have a certain expectation of anyone trying to tell me how to live my life whether it be government or church and believe that the person(s) preaching to me should have outstanding virtues and morals for me to take them seriously. Maybe that’s an antiquated view based on old-time teachings and I’m wrong. I don’t know. However, it’s all a question of what one perceives morality to be because that boundary has shifted considerably.

LSP said...

Just reporting the news, LL.

LSP said...

Juliette, I know unicorns appear to be beautiful, noble, mythical creatures but look at what they do to, say, a field of corn. It's like a minefield's gone off.

Typically, White Wolves hunt them down but they've moved to Arizona, so the unicorns are running rampant.

A right menace.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

This issue is going to split the Catholic churcn like nothing since Luther. Already in NYC there are "compassionate and tolerant" (read: gay) parishes and a few traditional parishes.

Adrienne said...

In some ways I see this constant ramming of "teh gay" down our unwilling throats as being counterproductive to their cause. In the olden days we were aware there was such a thing as homosexuals who, to our delight, stayed firmly in the closet. Now they force us to look squarely at the concept of homosexual sex and celebrate it as normal, healthy, and just an expression of love. Hogwash!

LSP said...

I sure hope it doesn't, Infidel.

NYC's a problem, I know this.

LSP said...

It'll produce a backlash, Adrienne. They need to simmer down.