Sunday, May 13, 2018

Robots To Care For UK Elderly

Artificial humanoids, or "bots," have been tasked with caring for the elderly in cash-strapped Great Britain's old folks homes.

Unable to afford the human touch, UK caregivers are increasingly turning to robots to look after the elderly and provide companionship.

“We want to explore to what extent they might prevent loneliness and isolation, improve mental health and reduce family caregiver stress,” stated Dr. Chris Papadopoulous, from the University of Bedfordshire.

The low-level bot artificial intelligences will be equipped with a tablet on their chests, enabling the frail and elderly to skype, tweet, email, play games, post to Instagram, Snapchat or even chat via Whatsapp while being reminded of when to take their medication.

What could possibly go wrong?

Vladimir Putin has been reelected to the Russian autocracy and is hailed by many as a new Constantine. 




LL said...

Old age homes are a convenient way for many children to avoid the responsibility of caring for their parents. However, when they establish these warehouses for those no longer able to care for THEM - people chart their own futures, when they will be unable.

Having written that, I do understand that there are circumstances when people need care that far exceeds the capacity of families to deal with their needs. But these horrible farms that smell like a blend of shit and bleach where people are ABANDONED, and left waiting to die are a shame and a stain on all society.

Jim said...

If they ever give me a robot, I want one like Robbie in Forbidden Planet. He was at least capable of making bourbon.

Fredd said...

Jim, you can have Robbie the Robot. My robot is going to be like Ava in Ex Machina, (played by Alicia Vikander, need I say more?)

LSP said...

I've spent a lot of time in those places, LL. They're an indictment against our culture, such as it is.

LSP said...

That's a VERY good call, Jim.

LSP said...

Ho, ho, ho! Ava!

You make an excellent point, Fredd. You really do. Just be sure not to cross her...