Monday, October 2, 2023

Some Worldwide Anglican Non-Communion News


So what's going on in the Worldwide Anglican Non-Communion? Good question. The venerable and catastrophically shrinking Church of England is all about getting rid of CO2, which is a gas, carbon dioxide. Here's the Net Zero Bishop of Norwich, the COE's Lead Bishop on the Environment:

The Prime Minister said we can meet our climate targets without taking the carbon reduction actions the Government had previously announced. We can’t. Decarbonisation must permeate every aspect of our lives.


No more carbon for you, Church of Englanders, time to stop breathing. You'll be interested, punters, to know COE attendance is at a risible 600k per Sunday in 2021, down from over a million in 2009. All out of a population of what, over 60 million? Huh, you do the math. Then there's ACoC, the Anglican Church of Canada, which is totally gay. 

you risible old fraud

Check out Samizdat:

In advance of Ottawa’s Pride March on August 27th, Shane Parker, the bishop of Ottawa urged us all to read his letter “Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives”. The heading for the letter is: “Declaring the Sanctity of Life and the Dignity of All”.

Not quite all as it turns out. The handwringing is reserved for 2SLGBTQI+ people because “all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions are a precious part of creation and are part of the natural order.”


Sanctity of life for all, except the unborn, obvs, which ACoC wants to kill. But not to worry, there's a new bishop figure in Peterborough. Look how lovely it is:

eyes left

I say, Colonel, what an attractive wife! Just kidding, Indian Army forever and good luck Peterborough.

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Beans said...

Well, how nice. (Said in a Southern way.)

And The Pope is now embracing same-sex coupling (probably because he'd lose half the College of Cardinals if he actually cracked down on the homo-robes.)

Meanwhile, the Anti-Christ is getting ready to be born (or already is and just waiting to appear....)

Wild, wild west said...

Please don't anyone show that pic of the winged one to our Sturgeon General, it would be so devastating to xe's/zee's/their/them's/what-ever's morale.

The hole them people are digging ain't got no bottom.

Dr. Swankenstein said...

Make no mistake, you are the carbon that they want to eliminate.

Dr. Swankenstein said...

Call me crazy, but it seems that the Ecofascists, Globo Homo, and Globalist agendas seem to all align with a policy of population reduction.

Paul M said...

Trying to figure how these pastors/priests/ministers justify their idiocy against Scripture? They have to know (like the Pharisee's). We are to be good stewards of our world as best we know and best we can, individually and as a community. Yet this is so far off that admonition - they are their own god's (small 'g') I doubt one could reason with them. Reminds of MrsPaulM's saying:

"A man convinced against his/her will is of the same opinion still."

Seems Jesus and the Apostles had the same difficulty with some in their time. 'Shake the dust from your feet..."

RHT447 said...

@ Dr. Swankenstein--

Well, if it's any consolation, you're no crazier than me. It IS about de-population.

LL said...

I feel so much better now that there is a bishop on the environment.

Anna Martin said...
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LSP said...

Beans, I've most deliberately avoided commenting on PF and the Vatican Grindrs. Maybe I need to change that.

The Man of Perdition?

In the wings.

LSP said...

Ain't that the case, Wild. They keep doubling down into extinction.

LSP said...

Precisely, Doktor. They hate life.

LSP said...

And yes indeed, Swankenstein. They're demonic nihilists.

LSP said...

Paul, surely they're under a mass delusion. They have eyes but cannot see.

I feel iniquity is drawing to a point, as it does in all our lives writ small and in the culture writ large. We must stand fast and make the right choice. Easy to say, of course, but grace, divine power and the Spirit comes to our aid.

LSP said...

Thank you for comforting Swankenstein, RHT. Good work.

LSP said...

LL, it's very difficult.