Monday, September 18, 2023

Cooking With LSP - Poppers


Oh yeah, cooking with LSP, that old shibboleth. Good call, readers, but hold on. There you are, and it's a Sunday afternoon in the Texas Free State, Masses said, Sacrament confected. So what to do? Have a glass of nicely chilled Vieille Ferme, and ponder the issue. An obvious answer springs to mind, after all, it's dove season, make poppers.

It's easy enough, shoot some birds, soak the breasts in brine and while they're doing their thing slice some jalapeno's in half, scoop out the seeds and fill those bad boys with cream cheese. I use Philadelphia Cream Cheese in its famously silvery foil packet, but that's just me, feel free to use a lesser brand. No rule.

Then put the dove breasts on a cutting board, slice off the meat and place each breast in the middle of each cream cheese filled pepper. It's not hard, far from it, but word to the wise, do not rub or wipe your eyes during this evolution. Seriously, bad error.

Next up? Wrap the pepper, cream cheese, dove combos up in bacon, drive a toothpick through the midst of each one to secure the life-giving bacon or, if you can't get toothpicks because supply chain collapse and inflation, simply wrap bacon around the morsels and let it be. Likewise, if you run out of bacon because you can't afford one slice per popper because Bidenomics, cut your bacon strips in half and get the job done that way. Trust me, it still works.

Prep done, behold the beauty of the thing and fire the popper tray into the oven at 400*. Take it out after the bacon's ready, you can smell the deliciousness of it when it is, and fall upon your scoff.

Like a Warrior,



Beans said...

Many moons ago, when I was not yet a teenager, my eldest brother pocked a dove using a wristrocket firing a pachinco ball. Mom was very peeved, but waste not, want not, and she cooked it up along with some chicken cacciatori. Eldest brother finked out and didn't eat his kill, but I took it instead. Delicious, and was hoping he'd peg some more.

Ah, doves... Wish I was in an area I could potshot a dozen or two daily. I'd clean them and freeze the extra. Dang stupid regulations and fees and such...

Good recipe. I'll store that in my recipe collection.

Wild, wild west said...


LSP said...

Tempted to get a wristrocket, Beans, for squirrels and all of that, maybe just for fun.

Dove hunting's a lot of fun, especially when the birds are flying, and there's always good times at the tailgate. Love it, though my shotgun skills are a bit rusty at the moment. Must fix that.

Viz. Recipe: You can swap out dove for a chunk of chicken or nothing at all. Cream cheese filled peppers wrapped in bacon are tasty as is.

LSP said...

Definitely, Wild. Better on a grill outside but... I took a shortcut.