Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Evening Prayer


Look here, you heathen, it's important to read, mark and inwardly digest the Word of God because His Word informs our word, the thoughts of our hearts. And this means, in the first instance, making the actual effort to read the, you know, Bible.

Good job, we've got this far, but how to do it, what's the training program? Try this, Morning and Evening Prayer in which you're taken through the Old and New Testaments, canticles, psalms, epistles and gospels and on, and all within the framework of a daily discipline of prayer.

Maybe this seems boring to you, as in "prayer, how very boring." Think again. If you want to confront and fight evil, gear up for the higher battle, against the demonic powers of the air, of evil in high places. And you can do all of this, or part of it, in the Daily Office. 

I like the 1928 BCP form and you might too. I tell you, give it a spin and you'll be rewarded. Not kidding. Say the Office.

Your Old Pal,



drjim said...

Thank you for the link, Parson.

I was talking to a good friend today who was fretting about when to pray.
I told him it didn't matter when/where we prayed, as He always hears us, even when we whisper a "Thank You" for helping us get through something difficult.

Paul M said...


GenX Crit said...

Continually - all the time, every day: pray, pray, pray. Yes, humbling - but that's what tills the hard harts. Yet, keep time to be still and alone with Him in prayer: speaking and listening - and reading The Word.

("so boring" the accusers yelp)

And that's when all of His Power is released in every direction. He doesn't do anything without doing in every direction (throughout all time in all creation).

He Is I AM Almighty LORD!

Now, I'm going to laugh for joy! And return to the cycle of loving Him with all I am whilst still here... visiting your sage page (where commenting is what's intimidating). HA!!

LSP said...

Well said, drjim.

The important thing is actually start praying, The Spirit completes.

LSP said...

Wisdom from drjim, Paul.

LSP said...

GenX, what beautiful words!

And true.

Comment away.