Thursday, September 7, 2023

A Sign


Every Thursday evening I climb in the rig and drive to Lake Whitney and Mission #2 to say Mass. It's a good drive, taking you over the dam with the mighty Brazos on your left and the lake, sparkling in the sun, to your right. Overhead, the sun beams down from a vast, blue Texan sky.

everywhere a sign note fresh weld

Hot as Hades you mutter, pulling into the church car park, and there it is, a sign saying Priest. Huh, this is new, some kind church person has made this to remind me of who I am and to warn everyone of the same, don't take the priest's place, don't even think it. 

I tell you, they're good people at this church and good job sign maker. You'll note the Cross of St. George inspiring us all.

Slay the Dragon,



Prodigal Son said...

Arriving in the parking lot for Mass, upon seeing this sign, I was reminded: I, too, am a man under authority. But I will not park in your spot...

The Lord's riches blessings be upon you as our Priest and Shepherd.

LL said...

Ah, yes, not crossed shotgun and fishing pole. I like this new sign that they put up for you better. Slay a dragon for God. Start in DC with exorcisms.