Saturday, September 2, 2023



When people think Austin they mostly think "hippy" and keep on walking, totally understandable. But not so fast, punters. St. Francis Anglican Church on Oak Creek is definitely an exception to the rule, and I know this because I visited the church this morning for Mass and the institution of their new Rector.

What a friendly, warm hearted congregation and I was taken aback by the quality of the music, led by an excellent little schola cantorum (choir), really very good and, sadly, all too rare. Then, after an edifying 1928 BCP Mass, we retired to the church hall for a delicious lunch of several sorts of sandwiches and a good time was had by all, not least the church's many children.

Well done St. Francis, and congratulations on finding a faithful new priest and pastor. I feel the future is bright for this faithful parish and will pray to that end. Speaking of bright, it might be a good idea to compliment the church's beautiful Crucifix and Tabernacle with six tall Office Lights. Use existing candelabra for Benediction, sort of thing. Just a thought.

Then, uplifted by the experience, I drove back down murderous I35 to the buccolic rural haven of the Compound only to discover my dog eating a German Bible. "Take that, Luther," he seemed to say, chowing down contentedly on the "Paper Pope." He was suitably reprimanded.

Wicked Bible devouring dogs aside, if you're looking for a friendly, traditional, family oriented Anglo-Catholic church in Austin check out St. Francis. What good and faithful people.

God bless,



LindaG said...

Wonderful story, Parson.
Except for the Bible.

Thanks for this little ray of sunshine, Parson.
You all be safe and God bless.

LL said...

It's nice to find an island of sanity in a sea of discord.

Wild, wild west said...

A remnant doth remain. And in Austin, of all places.

Very encouraging. Thanks muchly.

LSP said...

Thanks, Linda, it was an uplifting foray into the big city!

LSP said...

Sure was, LL, I really enjoyed it, worth the drive.

LSP said...

Right on, Wild, encouraging.