Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Something Good


Don't you have anything good to say, so-called LSP? you ask, grimly. Well yes, yes I do. After Mass on Thursdays I stop off at a small country supermarket to pick up provisions, David's in Whitney. What a friendly crowd and after a while you get to know the mostly elderly cashiers.

One of them, a wiry tough old lady, asked me at the checkout, "Feeling alright?" and I replied, "Still standing, by the grace of God." She smiled and said, "So am I! I've just met a man and he has money in his account and I won't have to do this job. My last husband was a demon. He was on nuke subs and we were married thirty years and he was a demon, he'd beat me. Now I've found a man who loves me, praise God."

Praise God, she meant it too, and her eyes sparkled there at that checkout at David's in Whitney. I smiled and praised God with her, what a faithful and good old lady, "Bless you." But would newfound love and recompense stick?

A month later, yesterday, I was at our rural haven's shopping mall, Walmart, and there she was, happy as could be, and she introduced me to the man who wasn't a demon. "This is..." and we shook hands, "You'll excuse me for looking like an unemployed fisherman but I am, in fact, a priest." He grinned in a lined face, brown with the weather and still strong, a countryman, out here in Texas, and off we went. Both of them light with happiness and that light lifted me up too.




JohnN said...

So good! Keep The Light burning

Wild, wild west said...

Good for her. And the new him as well.

glasslass said...

I decided that I was going to quit looking. Went to next job and on week 2 we made the decision that to finish closing the bank we needed at least 10 more. I got tapped to train them. In those 10 was my future husband. Married 10 months later. He put me on the floor multiple times laughing so hard. But we had 19 wonderful years. So happy for that lady and him.

Anonymous said...

Warms the cockles of my cold, black heart. 😀

LSP said...

We must, John. Always.

LSP said...

You know what, Wild, I was genuinely moved. Good luck to 'em.

PS. Nuke Sub died.

LSP said...

Beautiful story, glasslass, well done! And yes, laughter is key. I say that from, ahem, experience.

LSP said...

Me too, Mike. Well done, that old lady.

And think, all across the land there's these instances of goodness. Evil flies before it.