Saturday, September 16, 2023



Yes, it's 1973 Wishbone Ash time and WARRIOR. Awesome, but why is the bassist wearing some kind of silk kimono... tabard?  Huh, shades of #BobWeirsShorts but whatever, have a look and turn it up.

It's all good,



LL said...

Where were you in 73, LSP?

LSP said...

Good question, LL, at the Dragon School, Oxford. Arduus Ad Solem.

Wild, wild west said...

The bassist thinks he's turning Japanese, he really thinks so.

Gibson Thunderbird bass. I thumped on a Fender Jazz bass back in my hippie days but always admired the Thunderbird.

LSP said...

Ha! What a tune, Wild and, for some reason, reminds of Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting. Huh.

Never really played bass but used to enjoy a '70s natural Strat back in the mists of time. Should've kept it, pricey now.