Monday, September 25, 2023



"And yet the continent of Africa can barely do better than worked wood beams 500,000 years later." My dear Anon, you strike right to the dark heart of the matter. 

"See you at the Club" aside, Anon is commenting on this. And this, private jet flying, carbon spewing, multimillionaire socialist, green guru Kerry. Here he is:

Green Leader. Roger that.




Beans said...

There's something about a place that had no concept of The Wheel (or even rollers) until Evil Whyte Peepoo came and made them learn.


It's pretty bad when the mid-Pacific Islanders seem more advanced than most cultures in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Africa. It is their homeland. Let them fester in peace.

LSP said...

No that, Beans, is a very good call.

Let's hear it for Tammy.

LSP said...

WSF, please don't get me started. Rhodesia and all the rest, what an utter betrayal.

But what am I saying, just look at all of our cities.

What utter hellholes, and it didn't have to be that way.

Wild, wild west said...

I've never been to Africa, and the more I read about it, the less inclined I am to go there.

Beans said...

Who is this Tammy person you speak of? Seriously.

I've held the 'Wheel Concept of Usefullness' as a sacred tenet of civilization since at least 7th grade, probably earlier.

Dad of Six said...

Besides creating lots of CO2, John Kerry is also good at marrying wealthy women too.

LSP said...

I've only been to Kenya, Wild. Very beautiful country but I got the feeling the place could go off-hook in a heartbeat.

LSP said...

Good call on the wheel, Beans.

For some reason I was thinking of Tammy Wynette. Hmmmmm.

LSP said...

He really is, DOS. Cash in on that ketchup fortune.

Beans said...

Ah, me not grok Country. I get Dolly and some others, and at one time I watched "Hee-Haw" but for the most part Country is an undiscovered country for me.

Anonymous said...

Let’s start you off easy. Try some George Strait, and Alan Jackson. Maybe Dan Seals’ “Everything that glitters is not gold.” I also like me some David Allan Coe on occasion, but, you know….