Friday, September 8, 2023

Typical Texas Army Scene


This has something to do with spacecraft, apparently, which is a very fine thing, and so good for the young 'uns to get out in the field and practice their skills. Well done, good job, but here at Dallas Light Cavalry Command we take a broader, more inclusive approach.

Yes, send everyone, Signals included, out into the field to do their job. Go on boys, set up that FOB/Command Post complete with off-planet comms. Do it at night even. And while you're at it we'll send in a few teams of the Red Hand Gang (dates me) to light up the night.

Point being, even if you're not combat arms be ready to be so, and training should reflect that. Imagine, there you are, setting up a satlink and all of sudden some Spetznaz guy comes storming through. Current doctrine, apparently, says destroy your tech with an incendiary grenade and Gaia be with you.

Well, it's all very easy to be an armchair general and perhaps that's all we'll ever be because all of our wars are fought by proxy, forever. If you believe that you'll believe anything, but your call.

Ad Multos Annos,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Training. My son, the Medic, was in a mixed hospital unit. One night while taking a shower the unit was hit. He arrived at their rally point with his rifle - nothing else per his buddy.

LL said...

The DLC is the premier irregular mounted unit in Texas. Neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night will stop them, or is that the post office?

Wild, wild west said...

Maybe the DLC will stop by the post office. God knows those people could use some help.

I stopped by the post office on Aug 28 to ship a manual to a customer in Lake Charles via Priority Mail. By tracking, it took three days to get to Baton Rouge, then went to Kansas City, then Wichita, then back to my little town 50 miles from Wichita, back to Wichita, back to my little town again, then back to Wichita en route back to Kansas City, where it was yesterday morning. I haven't checked it this morning. Where's Waldo? There's no telling.

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech here. Old USAF Comm Weenie from the misty distant 1980's. Old 1st Combat Comm Group guys are probably cringing at that picture. Never send an IT weenie to do a Comm Weenie's job. Get that TRC-97 set up NOW! Get the tropo link up boys, the Old Man needs the Comm Center going! Deploy those AP's to the perimeter, keep Ivan off your back.

Cell phones and laptops, really? What has the Signal Corps come to? Where's your PRC-77?

Old NFO said...

I'm with Anon... sigh...

LSP said...

WSF, one of my friends was USAF in Vietnam, tasked with defending an airbase which was hit in the Tet offensive. NONE of them had weapons because some fool had locked them up in the armory. Unreal.

Well done your son.

LSP said...

Mr. LL, RHSM, one of the many advantages of belonging to the DLC is our own postal service, as you well know. It's efficient and it works.

Then there's USPS.

LSP said...

Wild, it seems our national postal system has pretty much collapsed, as with so many things in our once great Constitutional Republic. Not unlike the end of the Western Roman Empire.

Good thing, then, that units such as the DLC keep the torch of civilization alight.

And yes, will send a Squadron over to the PO to chivvy those Marxists up.

LSP said...

Anon, thanks for climbing in.

The kid tells me that "Comms and IT are now merged into one MOS, 25H. It is stoopid because now I have twice the amount of work and half the amount of people who want to do the work."

Huh. My advice?

Stop whining boy, no gain without pain.

That in mind, he claims, "Our company is MTOWD Ø sat phones."

Again, huh. Aren't we sending billion$ to Ukraine?

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech again. Back in the dim recesses of military history (1987), the USAF did the exact same thing, merged IT and Comm. I went from AFSC 3055 to 4935, and suddenly had computer types asking "what is a MUF?", and "Where is Fort Huachuca?". It went exactly as well as the Signal Corps doing it nowadays did, twice the work with half the troops. And, half the troops not really knowing the intimate details of half their new jobs. Oh, and MUF = Maximum Useable Frequency, and we used US Army Sig Corps folks at Fort Huachuca to calculate said MUF for a link. Comm is a strange thing, more art at times than science, mystical emanations of RF from antennas.

the Egyptian said...

I envy your son, at that age I too could sleep anywhere, couple bales of hay, concrete floor, I mean anywhere, just close my eyes and gone. Now the damn mattress, pillow, sheets just cannot get comfy, it's a bitch getting old

LSP said...

Anon, I'll pass that on!

Arcane science to me but I do think these kids should be more battle ready as opposed to just knowing the technics.

I say this as an armchair/porch general with a little infantry background, but the kid agrees. In fairness, and on point, their emphasis is on speed. So.