Monday, September 18, 2023

Choose Your Side


We're all familiar with Ukrainian PR Troon Sarah Ashton-Cirillo from Nevada, and how it sexlessly tells us to "embrace the hate." But question, is Cirillo possessed by a demon, a demonic kill entity which hates life? You know, apart from USINTEL but with it "embrace the hate."Good question and yes, but what about Ukraine's Abortion Fairy, have you seen? Here it is:

Look at this thing which was once a woman. So, what does Abortion Fairy do, apart from being demonic? It helps women in Poland kill their babies in the womb. Now this, in terms of war aims is odd, surely Abortion Fairy and PR Troon, who is totally not a US intel asset, should be encouraging life to help, ultimately, the war effort.

No, they hate life and so do their handlers. Who might these handlers be? Apart from DC, Westminster and associated satraps, let's call it as we see it, demons who hate beauty, truth, freedom and life, who are so twistedly evil as to convince a woman that her freedom and reality as a person lies in killing her child in the womb.

We are, indeed, at war, choose your side.




Beans said...

Those two are definitely evil entities that walk this Earth.

Sad to say, there are too many of their compatriots here in the States. Dangit.

God knows...

Wild, wild west said...

Please pass more eye bleach.

LSP said...

Beans, I've been reading up on possession, as a kind of refresher, and it doesn't seem as though things are getting better.

Speaking of which, how many of our beloved rulers are ritual occultists? On point, why are they so keen to downplay the very real hideousness of child trafficking. But I won't go on.

LSP said...

Sorry, Wild.

Beans said...

Exorcism has about the same success rate of curing mental issues as psychology and psychiatry.

Exorcism doesn't work against actual mental illness. But it can trick the mind into a more normal working track.

But then again, psychology and psychiatry don't work against possession, at all.

And Confession and counseling by a priest tends to work quite well at handling low-level mental issues.

LSP said...

Well said, Beans.

To be honest, I've always shied a bit scared of that ministry though I've worked alongside several exorcists.

I think the MO is don't even think it unless you're well up on the confessional and all the rest. Kinda spiritual specops, perhaps.

Question. How many schizos are possessed? Some sure seem to be but I'm no expert.