Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Check it Out Kids


It must be so unicorn awesome to live in Democrat run cities like New York, Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Here, check it out, Philadelphia:

Thanks be to Gaia they've all got access to trans bathtroons. But you know, it's all a drag queen larf  'til they pedo come for your kids. And guess what, that's exactly what they're doing. In the meanwhile, our cities are turning into zombie wastelands.

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LL said...

I fled to the remote Arizona mountains, 90 miles from the nearest Costco.

Anonymous said...

“Never judge…”
Nonsense. Judge always, but understand that you could be wrong, and almost certainly you don’t know the whole story. But you have to make decisions with the information available at the time. Temper your judgement with mercy, kindness, and pity. But judge away, damnit.

I was in Vancouver, BC a few weeks ago. Monday 10am, meeting a friend and colleague at his downtown hospital (a major BC medical center). The hotel four blocks away was $350 a night (about $200 above its value IMNSHO, but that gives an idea of the neighborhood). In the parking lot less than 50 feet from the hospital entrance two East Asian men who looked to be in their 50’s (but were probably 30’s) were literally smoking crack. At 10am. No one cared. The guards ignored them. The van drivers (handicap taxis) merely drove around them. It’s everywhere now.

Sunday afternoon up in Manchester, NH checking in on a friend who relapsed into fentanyl abuse. Now going through the 3 to 4-day “dopesick” hell of drying out at an inpatient facility as I type this. Apparently they’re going to try some “microdosing” protocol with the suboxone this time around. I’m totally unfamiliar with it, but I hope it works. Speaking of drugs in Manchester, just a block from the main drag (Elm St) there’s a park that is littered with addicts doing the “opioid lean” (as seen in the video) or sprawled on the benches and steps. A roughly 4x6 block area centered on the park is trolled by men looking for (and finding) girls offering “car dates”. Every few months the police blotter publishes photos of women caught up in this, and the ravages of the drugs and lifestyle are plain (and grievous) to see.

Beans said...

I feel for the true homeless victims, people priced out of housing for one reason or another, jobless and truly. struggling to stay afloat. You knonw, the ones not spending what little money they have on drugs and booze and ciggies, but trying to survive on what they have.

The druggies, the mentally insane who won't take their meds, Winter' Coming, baby, Winter's Coming. No doubt the jerkwads up north are going to have the brilliant idea, like they do every year, of bussing them to Florida.

Those zombies? There isn't any coming back from that. That's end stage drug use and they're just walking husks.

Yes, show compassion to those who deserve it. That's the Christian way. To those who actively work for the Devil? Not so much.

Okay, compassion. I'll give some. Find a deserted military base in the back beyond, rebuild the fences extra high, double them like in a prison. Make sure that the sanitary system is working, the lights work, everything's armored against idiots (maybe by sending a bunch of boot camp recruits in to see what they could break.) Then provide shipping containers full of MREs, one opens every day. Put all the druggies in there. Also put all the confiscated drugs in there. Leave them. Drop in new food, drugs, druggies as needed or as available. Is that so bad? They'll have better access, until they trash it, to shelter, food, water and basic needs than they get on the street. And access to free drugs, too!

Wild, wild west said...

"the poor you will have with you always"

I'm afraid these ones too.

A doctor I used to know who took her practice into drug/addition testing and counseling told me that despite anyone's best well-meaning efforts, addicts have to hit absolute rock bottom before there is any hope of recovery. As in, dead cat bounce rock bottom. Anything else just prolongs the outcome. She also said lots of them don't make it back. Those are the cold hard facts of it, so they might as well be the theory too.

Different situation than the insane......those folks need to be policed up and taken care of. They never should have been forced into self-determination in the first place.

Clarke said...

As the slack, meaning prosperity, leaches out of th system, there’s not likely to continue to be a lot of opportunity for such grandiose displays of addiction. It’s beyond sad. Kyrie eleison.

LSP said...

Wisdom, LL, and I know you'll come down from the Wolf's Lair when the bugle calls.

LSP said...

Oh my, Anon, I know Vancouver was bad in the '90s and can only imagine. Manchester? Never been but can also imagine. Hideous.

Here in this somewhat over policed (thank you) section of rural Texas it's not so bad, but still.

I don't see how this ends well.

PS. UK people have no clue -- at all -- about the severity of the problem.

LSP said...

"Those zombies? There isn't any coming back from that. That's end stage drug use and they're just walking husks."

Sure looks that way to me, Beans.

Let's not forget how China dealt with its opium problem, perhaps a lesson?

LSP said...

It's just hideous, Wild, and in the richest, most powerful country on earth. Something ain't right.

LSP said...

Clarke, I fear it'll get worse. Tranq and its cousins are very cheap, you see. LEOs? Not so much, to say nothing of local government.

Kyrie indeed.