Friday, September 1, 2023

More Art


I saw this on Facebook and loved it. You might too, or not, that's up to you. Speaking of which, do you think good art expresses eternal, mythic truth? Likewise bad art, its opposite. That in mind, we are warriors in a battle of Good against Evil, Light against Dark, and in that battle we have the heavenly aid of the Angelic Force. So take heart.

Sursum Corda,



LSP said...

I love the sword in this photo.

Beans said...

Just imagine, walking around, head down, deep thoughts, it's night, come around the corner and... whoa, an angel sitting down with a freaking flaming sword.

Poop one's pants much?

I mean, what do you say? "Hey, Angel, been hanging around much?" "Is that a flaming sword or are you happy to see me?" "Whoa, I'll make a double tithing next Sunday.." "Hey, Crusades back on! Let's GO!" "So... my boss IS the Devil?" "Damn, He does see everything..."

Very nice painting. Something I am sure, in full size, that you can look at every day and find new things and new insights. This is what art should do.

Had a music appreciation teacher ask me what emotion some modern neo-classical dogsqueeze invoked in me and said that 'disgust' and 'vomitous' aren't emotions.

This painting evokes good emotions.

LSP said...

My thoughts entirely, Beans.

There you are, walking along, perhaps humming some Waylon and... BOOM. Angel with FIRE SWORD. No room for excuses, eh? "Well, sorry I missed Mass, it's like, we had company and, you know, the dog and..." No. Doesn't cut it.

Then there's neo-classical rubbish music. I fired an organist once who was paid 40k (20 years ago) and couldn't play, couldn't hit the right notes, he was terrible. This mountebank tried to tell me, "Oh, it's Langlais." I replied, "No it isn't, I know Langlais and you can't play. So SNLR, services no longer required."

Glad you liked the painting.

Beans said...

Simple answer to the organist. Make him play Bach the way God and Bach intended. Plenty of good music and it's hard to play Bach if you only know modern music.

A little "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" would make any church service better. Especially done on a good pipe organ. Or even a good fake pipe organ.