Saturday, September 9, 2023

Let's Just Relax


Relax? Yes indeed, good Lord we all know we need it, and here's Ray Wylie Hubbard.

"Are you absolutely sure, LSP, can you claim this, are you not from the twin cities of Oxford and St. Petersburg?" Well yes, of course I am, via Denton, Texas. And does Texan ancestry count on your Mother's side, a bit like Judaism, perhaps? Of course it does.

That is all,



LL said...

You ask me to relax and then post the photo of a beautiful Cowboy's Cheerleader.

Would the Acting Sergeant do that if you showed the photo to him?

LL said...

Can I claim Texas Citizenship on the basis of being the RHSM of the DLC?

LSP said...

I know, LL, it was a test. And yes, of course you're a citizen of the FREE STATE.

Wild, wild west said...

Being a Native Texan(TM) has never been a pre-requisite for establishing Texas citizenship.

The following is a short list of folks who were not Native Texans(TM) but got there as fast as they could:

Crockett (with whom I share a birthday).

So, by divine right of conquest and speaking myself as a Texas Native(TM), you're in. Congratulations.

LSP said...

Thanks, Wild, I appreciate that very much.

Mind you, my Mother's people were from Denton, too bad they didn't settle Dallas... so perhaps I was half way there?

Caused a stir, I'm told, when she married a 'dam Yankee' back in the '60s.