Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Solar Still


My brother, over for a vacation. Make of it what you will.

Do watch to the end,



LL said...

Ok, I guess, were you and BroLSP practicing water rescue on Lake Whitney?

LSP said...

Can't be too prepared, LL.

Beans said...

That's fine and dandy, but bailing out of most aircraft, BESE or ESE (Before Ejection Seat Era or Ejection Seat Era) usually results in at least neck and shoulder or arm injuries. Now try that with a wrenched neck and back and busted elbows or separated shoulders.

Bailing out over land is bad, but over water? Yeah, no...

But it's a cute video. Like those escape hatches on subs, they work when nothing goes wrong.

Wild, wild west said...

Keep feeding him ammo, maybe he'll like it enough to stick around.

We need all the help we can get!