Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lesbian Trump Supporter Slams Mook

Just when you thought that American politics couldn't get any more theater of the absurd, out comes this, Lesbian Trump Supporter Slams Gay Clinton Campaign Manager.

And she does, drawing attention to the fact that Team Clinton's received millions of dollars from Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that take a rather, ahem, low view of rainbow riders. Who kill them, in fact.

I'd say she has a point, which would make Hillary's chipper little Mook a top level malfeasant.

But you be the judge.



LL said...

Hillary avoids the point that her beloved Muslims have policies toward women and homosexuals that are inconsistent with her progressive agenda. Trump needs to mention that. But will he? What do you think?

Fredd said...

Mook is a slimy pus bag, and calling him a 'malfeasant' is really putting a happy face on reality, Pastor.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Given the distain that many gay men like Mook have for lesbians, I bet this stung.

LSP said...

She certainly needs to be called, LL. Will DJT do it? I don't know.

LSP said...

I thought you'd like that word, Fredd.

LSP said...

Grunt, I bet you're right.