Friday, September 9, 2016

ACoC Gets a New Liturgy!

Thanks to St. Stephen-in-the-Fields, Toronto, ACoC (Anglican Church of Canada) has a new liturgy, a special worship ritual to bless and acknowledge a person who's transitioned to another sex. 

The sex-change ceremony was conducted by Revs. Maggie Helwig and Andrea Budgey for Beck Shaefer, who started out in life as a woman but became a man. However, because ACoC didn't have a trans blessing liturgy, the parish invented one.

Helwig And Shaefer at The Baptismal Font

“We understood that this wasn’t a re-baptism,” said Helwig, “God always knew who Beck was in his fullness, and received him as himself from the beginning. But we also knew that this was a moment closely tied to the baptismal covenant, and Beck’s growth as a disciple.”

At the service, Beck declared that transgenderism was part of God's creation and that this was something to be lived "openly and authentically."

Helwig, Budgey And Friends

“God created me transgender, and calls me to live openly and authentically,” said Beck at the ceremony, “This is not a solitary path but rather a call that I am to live out in relation to others and as a member of the body of Christ.”

A Beautiful Rainbow Unicorn

Scientists have so far failed to find the elusive transgender chromosome, causing some to doubt the authenticity of sex-change procedures. "They're just blasphemous parodies of men or women," said one expert, on the condition of anonymity, "No one's fooled, especially God."

Good luck, ACoC.



the egyptian said...

and you are in communion with these "people" how, and why. Or are they their own separate denomination, either way I don't know if I'm scandalized or amused or just totally pi--ed off

Adrienne said...

There are no words. None.

Mattexian said...

Well, they're Canadian...

I think I'll agree with the Ancient Desert Fathers, that yes, God made you this way, but it's not your prerogative to change around the parrs, based on your moods, or modern fashion, or whatever. (Take a look at Bruce-Caitlin, can't seem to make up it's mind.) God gave you this body, *you* take care of it, and God will see you when you're done with it. If you're driving around in a Toyota, don't fool yourself thinking if you chop off enough parts and move them around, suddenly you'll have a Ferrari.

LL said...

The Anglican Church clearly has two sides to it.

The question of which is the real Anglican Church could be put to the Archbishop...but the answer wouldn't wash and we all know that.

LSP said...

We're very much a "separate jurisdiction", Egyptian!

LSP said...

Quite the circus, Adrienne, and it's catching. There's quite a few trans blessing ceremonies out there -- I wasn't able to get hold of the one used at St. Stephen's, annoyingly.

LSP said...

"If you're driving around in a Toyota, don't fool yourself thinking if you chop off enough parts and move them around, suddenly you'll have a Ferrari."

I might have to quote you, Mattexian.

LSP said...

Well said, LL.

Theodore said...

The more I read about this garbage on your site, the more I'm in favor of good, old fashioned excommunication. Though in the C of E and ACoC there might not be enough people left afterwards.

LSP said...

Anathema sint.