Monday, September 26, 2016

In The City

So Where's this so-called "Ghetto"? Oh yeah, here it is.

Some say, unless they're determinists, that life is made up of a series of freewill choices. That's true for human beings and perhaps it's true for cities also. For example, Dallas had a choice, once. "Am I going to be a city, or a road?" It opted for road.

I was reminded of this today, as I drove across Dallas to visit a friend on the M Streets. I RV'd at his place and we set upon some low and slow pulled pork like there was no tomorrow. I tell you, that pork was as tasty as you like and better. 11 hours in the cooking and worth every minute.

On The Road

After the delicious pig it was time for some firearms show and tell. Some neat wealthy elite shotguns, a nice Winchester 70 30-06 and a Desert Eagle all featured. I'd never handled a Desert Eagle before, what a canon. Are they made out of re-purposed car parts? I don't know, but I like the myth.

A Book

Then books. "Do any of you read Latin and Greek?" asked my friend. "I'm an expert," stated GWB and I replied that I was "a bit rusty." Too bad, because M Streets was giving away a stack of the stuff, but you had to be able to read them. As it is, I settled for some translations. Thanks, Penguin Classics.

So that was that. Thanks for the hospitality, M Streets. A return match at the Compound is definitely in order.

And now for the debate.



LL said...

The media hates Trump and says that he lost.

I didn't see that debate.

LSP said...

I didn't either. Strange, eh?

Mad Padre said...

Xenophon is a great read. I'll bet it reads even better with pulled pork.

LSP said...

Padre, that pork was really tasty. Not complaining about the Persian Exped, either.