Saturday, September 24, 2016

Diocese of Toronto Flies Over The Rainbow


The Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) flew over the rainbow this week, electing its first ever openly partnered gay bishop (OPGB), Keith Robertson. Robertson will serve as one of three Suffragan Bishops in the Diocese of Toronto.

Speaking after his election, Robertson stated that he would work for the "peace and unity" of the church and that he would be "a bishop for the whole church."

The peace and unity of the church is really important to me and I will work to continue that peace and unity as a bishop... I think LGBTQ clergy and lay people might naturally gravitate towards me looking for some leadership around the issue of full inclusion, but I absolutely see myself as a bishop for the whole church, including people who have a very different view of things than I do. I'm their bishop, too."

Well that's just it, isn't it; you're not our bishop. Bishops are centers of Apostolic unity in the church and that's exactly what Robertson is not. He can't be a bishop for the whole church because his OPGB lifestyle puts him outside the communion of the church, making him a locus of disunity and schism rather than unity. 

This means that Toronto's new Suffragan, despite good intentions, acts as an anti-bishop who will serve to further fragment the already scandalously divided Body of Christ. 

A Rainbow Unicorn

So well done, ACoC, for bravely flying over the rainbow and away from the church you claim to be a part of.

Be sure to dodge the unicorns on the way up.



LL said...

I'm sure that the gay blade takes communion.

However since you can't serve both God and the Devil, being a sodomite puts you in a different category (as you suggest).

That a queer would be allowed to be a priest, much less a bishop, speaks to the problem of being a Christ-like church.

LSP said...

They say the Creed every Sunday -- professing belief in "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church."

There's judgement in that.

Adrienne said...

Teh gheys just don't quit do they? Why do they all have to look so, well, gay?

Mad Padre said...

This is currently the Diocese where I hang my beret. Nuff said.

Hey, Parson, did you see this piece by Crusty Old Dean?

LL said...

There's judgement in that.

They don't fear Satan's embrace. Such is the nature of human bodies which have been inhabited by demons.

LSP said...

Alright there, Padre. Beware the thudding hooves of the unicorn! And its horn, too. It's a vicious little beast.

Still, maybe Old Crusty should get a bit more serious about the correlation between faith, or lack thereof, and numeric decline. After all, TEC's lost something like 25% of its ASA in the last decade or so. And all at a time when their prophetic new vision of what it is to "be church" was going to fill the pews. But why, after all, should disbelieving secularists go to a church that mirrors their own faithlessness, but in cultic form? I interviewed a number of libs at the last General Convention who were positively baffled by this. For them, TEC had everything right, it was so gay and inclusive, and they didn't understand why people weren't joining. Well, why go to church when you can sit at home and read the New York Times.

For your amusement:


Anonymous said...

For a long time, I called the triennial meeting its "genital contention"--on the theory that it was a forum for getting together and arguing about sex. Not sure how much "contention" there is there anymore, though.

Euripides said...

"The peace and unity of the church is really important to me..."

Unfortunately, that doesn't include keeping the commandments or glorifying the name of Christ. Oh well. Those are hardly important.

Brig said...

What the heck is happening to the church?
I see a lot of changes here in the mass. They have become big on clapping after every little announcement by father, and changed the wording of prayers. Give me back my respectful, contemplative, RC mass.

LL said...

If the queer Canadian bishops spent more time fishing in quiet contemplation, they might turn from pederasty and sodomy and find a more appropriate pastime.

Peter was a fisherman. It's a good place to start.

LSP said...

He seems to have forgotten that bit, Euripides.

LSP said...

They get obsessed with clapping and carry on, Brig. They're trying to be popular.

LSP said...

It probably wouldn't hurt, LL, and there's great fishing to be had in Canada. But I think they're too busy doing other things "in Toronto."

LSP said...

Anonymous, you have a point. And a good one.

LSP said...

Adrienne, if they were "born that way" you'd think they'd go to a doctor. But they weren't. Science has told us this. Still, no excuse to be so ghey.