Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Dove Walk

Sometimes you have to take some time out from polishing your Felix Dzerzhinsky bust and get out in the field. My friend from New York agreed and tore himself away from the minutiae of Das Kapital and off we went, x in search of dove.

Felix Dzerzhinsky

In a normal season, one which hasn't been sabotaged by 5th Column Weather Activists, we'd have flushed a few birds from the treelines and adjacent fields. As it was, a couple of avian acrobats lifted off from the grass and a few shots were fired, but they were long and the birds got away to fight again another day.

Escape From New York

Still, the armed stroll was good in itself; there you are in the country under the big Texan sky, gun in hand. There's peace in that, for me, and excitement too, when you get that split second of explosive action.

A Typical Deadly Assault Rifle

Walkabout over, we fell back to the cow skull with a carbine and gave it the old red dot treatment. Take that, skull, and word to the wise. 

The Skull

If you're fixing to strap on a cow skull as some kind of magic protection against 5.56, don't. It won't work, trust me.

Look, Buddy, it's not Gonna Work

So that was that. A good day was had by all and who knows, maybe the dove will start flying at some point soon. Hill County hopes. 

Happy Labor Day,



LL said...

Sorry for the busted hunt, but you sure killed that cow skull. So much for black magic saving the Wiccans.

LSP said...

The Wiccans really lost that round. Dove, not so much.

Adrienne said...

Glad you had a good day, LSP. Since it was Labor Day, I labored.

LSP said...

Well done! I rounded things off by watching Hillary coughing videos and the "Press Conference." We're in the Twilight Zone.