Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Archbishop of Wales Caught on Camera!

U.K police were baffled by footage of the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, flying 1000ft above the Bristol Channel.

Stunned coppers thought the object, which was emitting "black heat," was a UFO until magnification revealed Archbishop Barry Morgan.

The Archbishop of Wales, captured on police helicam for 7 minutes

"We thought it was a Chinese lantern or a balloon," said one police source, "But its black heat ruled that out. It turned out [to be] Barry Morgan. He bobbed around in the air for about 7 minutes before disappearing."

Barry Morgan

Morgan has been the focus of investigation by UFOlogists after saying that the Bible supported gay marriage.

The dramatic footage of Barry Morgan was captured by thermal imaging cameras on a police helicopter at 9.30 pm.

Police have appealed for help

Barry Morgan did not show up on local air traffic control, leading to speculation that the Welsh bishop is using off-world technology.

Police have appealed to the public for further eyewitness accounts of the rogue prelate.

Cymru am byth,



LL said...

He needs to eat a lot of habanero peppers and ex-lax so he can learn what a rectum is for.

Euripides said...

Heh. If only the church would recognize how alien such creatures really are.

LSP said...

LL, that's most definitely down to earth.

LSP said...

We live and hope, Euripides.

Anonymous said...

The Bazbot 5000 failed in its primary mission to eradicate Christianity in Wales, but it demonstrated the terrible potential of weaponised AI.

LSP said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for the positive ID. Bazbot 5000, it can even fly stealth. Dark Heat propulsion? (DHP)