Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall From Grace And Hit The Ground

Who knew that Hillary was seriously sick? Really sick, knees buckle, loses shoe sick. No fooling, maybe it's Parkinson's, or demonic possession, experts are undecided.

Her security detail wasn't short in acting to lift her spasmodically twitching body into the waiting SUV. They were probably used to it, train, train, train.

She emerged, later, from her daughter's $10 million apartment. Nothing quite like being a millionaire socialist, eh? And who knows, was there a secret medical team waiting in that million dollar facility?

For that matter, was the person who walked out of it Hillary, or some other thing?

Mind how you go,



LL said...

And if Hillary were to tell the truth about ANYTHING, how would you know? If there is one hallmark of her life - in total - it has been that she can not tell the truth when put to it.

It worked with the FBI because the fix was in, and the pay-off arranged in a private jet on the tarmac in Phoenix. We all know about that now, but the media doesn't mention it because they know what'a good for them.

Corruption has become so blatant and acquiesce so fashionable (and politically correct), that one needs to look to one's own future because our collective will (the State) has failed us. It fails to protect innocent life in utero. It fails the litmus test of "truth" and replaces it with perpetual lies and sound bites to make us feel good.

Hillary Clinton is just a lesion, not the problem itself. (https://youtu.be/Hwt1DVaYLy4) A culture that embraces the evil that she represents fully may or may not deserve to be "saved from the fire" that inevitably results from their behavior.

Fredd said...

Maybe Almighty God in His wisdom has decided to weigh in on this important upcoming election, and smite the wicked one with a gnarly case of the ague. They say good triumphs over evil, but it hasn't been that way with the Clintons for decades. Of course, with the exception of Barry's primary victory over Hillary in 2008, and that was simply a different kind of evil triumphing over evil.

Good thing that God is on our side, for a change, eh Pastor?

Adrienne said...

What LL said.

Was that Hillary leaving her daughter's apartment. No, and no.

LSP said...

LL, I think there's a certain amount of collective guilt here, to put it politely, which doesn't bode well for the "wrath to come."

LSP said...

Let's hope so, Fredd.

LSP said...

Sure didn't look like it, Adrienne. But was it even human?