Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Get Out And Fish

The international readership of this popular mind blog aren't slow when it comes to editorial advice. "Hey, LSP," they say, "Less God and more fishin'!" It's a very good thing, then, that I was able to swing by the lake today on the way back from visiting the sick.

I set up on the bank opposite my usual spot because I was looking for adventure and sure enough, there were plenty of fish cruising the submerged limestone bank. Hopes up, it was time to cast off with the tried and true weightless worm rig (WWR), but the fish were slow to bite, perhaps because it was pushing 100* in the shade. Still, a few took the bait and before long I'd tallied up a decent little catch of Bluegill.

But what I really wanted was a school of leaping, blitzing Bass to come into the shore, and the chance to get on them with topwater lures. Good action when you can get it and the backup rod was ready for just that, rigged for the surface with a Heddon Tiny Torpedo. True to form, the fish were jumping about 100 feet off the bank, would they get any closer?

Looking Over Yonder at the Usual Spot

The question was called by a couple of young Lakesters, "Y'all caught 'nyfish?" and I  told them I had. "You bet, Bluegill, but look at that, jumping Bass. Set up for topwater." Right at that moment the line bent low and something fierce took the worm and started to run, I love that feeling, fish on! And it was, another Bluegill, but a good one. I reeled him in. "Nice Perch," said my new fishing friend and walked down the bank with his pal to try their luck.

That didn't happen for them and before long they were doing backflips off the bluff and "singing" country rap. I scorn country rap and moved away in search of a better spot. A few casts later, something hit my worm like a miniature freight train, and lo and behold, out came a baby Bass. A ferocious little thing, and that's put me in mind to go after his larger cousins.

With apologies to the "Less God Brigade," I thank Him for the opportunity to get out to the glassy waters of the lake and the chance to fish under the big Texan sky. There's peace in that and excitement, too, when the fish are on.

Tight lines,



LL said...

I repeat myself - you need a canoe. You can put it in the back of the pick up and they're easy enough to handle all by yourself. It simply affords you more fishing options.

LindaG said...

Amen to that, LSP. If not for Him, nothing to catch. That is a beautiful lake.

Have a blessed day.

Fredd said...

Pastor: don't listen to LL. Buying a canoe is not a good idea. It is a 'gateway boat.' First it's a canoe, then after you tire of paddling, you will get a hankerin' for a motor. Next, you move up to a small aluminum boat with a 10 HP Johnson outboard. Soon, 10HP is not enough.

Before you know it, you are hooked on go-fast boats, and find yourself in possession of a $75,000 Ranger bass boat, and then the maintenance costs kick in, and you are a goner.

I know you are a man of good instincts, Pastor. It appears you took my advice about less God and more fishin.' Take this boat advice as well, and you will be a happier man in the long run.

LSP said...

I'm VERY inclined towards that, LL. A kayak's tempting too.

LSP said...

That, Linda, is a very good point.

LSP said...

But Fredd, what about a canoe with a small outboard? I can handle it.

Fredd said...

Pastor: yeah, sure. That's what all boat-aholics said in the beginning.

LSP said...

I had a feeling you'd say that...