Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hillary Visits The Vineyard

HIllary, Obey Your Mistress

Where do the Globalist New World Order Elite go when they want to raise some pocket change? To Martha's Vineyard, of course, which is why Hillary Clinton stopped by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild's HRC campaign fundraiser.

A Typical Rothschild Party

The select NWO event hosted 30 people who paid $50,000 each in support of their friend, Hillary. Barack Obama was also on the exclusive millionaire socialist holiday resort but didn't attend the Rothschild party.


Donald Trump didn't attend the Martha's Vineyard Rothscild fundraiser either, he was in Detroit, in a church, promising to help poor people.

Their End is Destruction

The Rothschilds have an estimated net worth of at least $400 billion and are notorious for their masquerades. With that in mind, what God do you think they worship? Hint, it's not Christian.

Give it Money!

Hillary, here's some spiritual advice,  ipse venena bibas.

Vade Retro,



LL said...

The Rothchilds are "old money".

Trump is "new money".

I don't think that they mix well. And since Trump is happily married and doesn't drink, he might not be comfortable at a Rothschild orgy.

LL said...

I'm sure that there are taxidermists in Texas who have a few musty old heads laying around. Check it out and let me know. I'm thinking of starting a commercial website to sell official "Rothschild orgy head masks" to the mooches on the Internet.

I know, that's darned progressive of me.

If I market it well, I'll have lesbians buying them for liturgical dancing in progressive congregations across the land, and maybe the wiccans would buy from me too. Naturally, I'd rely on your and your boys to keep the taxidermists supplied with feral hawg heads, deer heads and anything else you can think of. Alligators might also be a big seller.

The HAWG HEAD EMPORIUM (dot com) is going to be a household word throughout progressive America. I'm sure that Bill and Hillary will be customers. In preparation, if you want, you can cut a big sow out of the herd, kill it and we can make a custom mask/head for Hillary to wear on the campaign trail to improve her looks. I think we'll need one for Oprah as well. Kill two.

LSP said...

This is a very good plan and, I think we're agreed, the market is huge. Lena Dunham's going to need a mask too. I'll kill three.

LL said...

LSP, at that rate, we'll all be eating a lot of bacon. I think that's Islamophobic.

LSP said...

That's a very good point. But look at it this way, bacon is the food of Kings. I'm not sure where that puts the ProphMo, but I've heard that drawing competitions flush him out.