Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sun Fishing on Bushcraft Wednesday

Right, I know, it's Bushcraft Wednesday when everyone's supposed to be out in the bush with rare Scandanavian knives, tinder boxes, buckskin clothing and an encyclopedic knowledge of how to live off the bush itself. 

A Typical Bushcraft Scene

All of that, as opposed to trudging about some supermarket in homage to your Overlords in the Nanny State.  Sure, I respect that, but I didn't get out in the bush today, I went to the water instead.

A Fish

Lake Whitney, in fact, where I thought I'd try my chances against the fish and the objective was simple; get enough for a decent meal. To reach that objective I tried the old weightless worm rig (WWR) method, which is just as complex as it sounds.

Kindly Old LSP (Get a Haircut)

Tie a hook on your line, thread a worm around the hook, a real worm, not a plastic one, and throw it in the water without a weight. Then watch the WWR sink into the depths; it will, albeit slowly. If you're fortunate, sunfish will start hitting the WWR on its way down. Be ready for that and set the hook! If they ignore the juicy worm, twitch it about a bit and experiment with different depths. Fishing wisdom.

Monster of the Deep

Well, the old WWR methold certainly worked this afternoon and I lost count of the fish reeled in. To be sure, lots were small and had to be put back, but others were a decent size and worth keeping. 

Mission Accomplished

I ended up with five, which is plenty for me, and would've had six, but he jumped off the hook, flopped into a crack in the limestone and was eaten by a snake. There's a moral in that, somewhere.

I'll fry those fish up tomorrow, beer batter style.

Tight lines,



LindaG said...

Nice catch! Congratulations and enjoy! ^_^

LL said...

The fish were just jumping on your line. St. Peter would be green with envy.

LSP said...

Thanks, Linda. Now I have to clean it! Worth the effort, though.

LSP said...

A good late afternoon's fishing, LL. Pretty much a fish with every cast.

Adrienne said...

I can almost taste that fresh fish right through my screen. Good job, LSP. And............glad you clean fish, since I don't. When I was little girl my dad was going to teach me to clean fish.
My mom called me over and whispered, "You do not want to learn to clean fish."
"But, why." sayeth I."
"Because then you'll have to do it."
My mother was very wise.

LSP said...