Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reporters Attacked in Charlotte!

Rioters attempted to throw an NBC affiliated reporter on a fire last night in downtown Charlotte, prompting some observers to ask, "What, only one? Try harder."

But seriously, would the networks change their narrative if more of them were attacked by Boosie Badazz fans? While you ponder that, you can listen to Lil Boosie here.

In other news, Hillary's on video shouting, "Why aren't I 50 points ahead!" Simple answer, "Because you're terrible."

Carry on,



LL said...

These days, Hillary blames Putin for her drop in the polls.

Euripides said...

There seems to be a direct correlation between the time Hillary opens her mouth and her poll numbers drop. It's precisely the same phenomenon we saw when she ran against Obama.

LSP said...

Those pesky Russians get everywhere, LL.

LSP said...

Neat observation, Euripides. Might have to quote you.