Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Bushcraft Wednesday! Forging The Spear

Bushcraft is just that, a craft, and like any craft it has its tools. Like spears. Think about it, you're looking at your bushcraft toolkit and ticking off the items. Large and small kniives, check; whetstone, check, snares, line and hooks, check; re-purposed single shot 12 gauge musket, check. But where's the spear?

You don't have one. Bad error. Do you go to Cabela's or Academy or Bass Pro, and give your money to "the Man" for some hyped up piece of outdoors industry gimmickry? No, that's not what bushcraft's about. You make one yourself. Hammer, forge and tongs.

Here at the Compound we hope you find this short infovideo as helpful as we do.

Rorke's Drift,



LL said...

I think that I need an asgai for my collection - really more of a sword than a spear, but can be used in both roles. I think that I need a cow hide shield too. I'll put them up on the wall in the new compound (which will resemble the Imperial War museum when I'm finished).

LSP said...

The IWM is a very great thing. I always liked the nose section of a Lancaster you could clamber about in. Surprisingly small.

Mattexian said...

I've got a knobkerrie to donate to the trophy wall, courtesy of Cold Steel. I think it'll look fetching, crossed with the assegai on the shield, like the crest of KwaZulu-Natal.

LSP said...

Nice. Good call, Mattexian.

Theodore said...

Loud the martial pipes are sounding 
every manly heart is bounding 
As our trusted chief surrounding, 
march we Harlech men. 

LSP said...

Well done, Theodore!

Anonymous said...

I've been to the hinterlands of Africa.
I've seen the smithies and the workers therein.
And that guy working the bellows was NOT a dedicated iron worker. They tend to have sculpted physiques; and the bellows persons have hypertrophy of the pectoralis major muscles.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Anonymous. I think the bellows worker was probably a bush court factotum of some sort who'd been co-opted for the task. Maybe as a punishment, he didn't look too happy!