Sunday, December 13, 2015

Advent Lights

We've done Hanukkah and it was awesome, but now it's time for some Advent lights. Well, I guess they're the same as Christmas lights that somehow turn on early. But I'm not complaining.

I like to stroll down to the Courthouse, which is all lit up.

Some of the other strollers might be lit up, too.

I take a pistol, just in case. The lights in Dallas are greater, but so is the threat level.

Is that Justin Welby, cruising the pawns?

So there you have it, Advent greetings.

From Texas.



jenny said...

The twinkly lights keep us feeling warm inside when temps start dipping down below 80. I love them.

I don't see why any beauty pageant winner should be sulking around pawn shops. Where's his dignity?

LSP said...

How the mighty have fallen, Jenny! From silk robed splendor to cruising the pawns and hustling for spare change.

Sic transit gloria Welby.