Saturday, December 19, 2015

Anglo-Catholics, This One's For You. A Confession

I know it's terribly confusing, but there's a movement, or a shadow of a movement, within Anglicanism that asserts catholicity for our part of the church. Scripture, creeds, sacraments, apostolic tradition, piety, liturgy, salvation, the nature of the church herself, all these and more are viewed and believed in through a catholic lens.

Now, as a part of this movement, such as it is today, I have a confession to make -- and yes, make yours before Christmas, if you can -- there was a time, not so long ago in the greater scheme of things, when I felt that if I didn't have this:

St. Nicholas du Chardonnet

I wasn't somehow cutting it. But I got this:

Rural missions in Texas. Not shrines in Boston, New York, Philly, Chicago, or even Texas, for that matter. And you know what, I don't feel shortchanged for a moment.

Don't get me wrong, I love a Solemn High Mass as much as I loathe, scorn and despise liturgical dance, or the monstrous regiment of priestesses, women bishop figures and associated clowns. But here's the thing -- don't let yourself become that most ridiculous and pathetic of creatures, a church snob. God will surprise you. In my case, that's been for the good.

Don't Teacup, Fool

In related news, I've reminded the bishop that it'd make a lot of sense to put a new rule in place regarding postulants for ordination. Viz. If you can't ride and you don't shoot, you can't get in.

That is all.

Your Old Pal,



jenny said...

It's all balanced out well for you, I think. Great pics!

I like Confession; it's cleansing. I'd already made my pre-Christmas one, but after developing a new level of scorn and annoyance towards Oberlin students, I might need to make a reappearance! Maybe if I just don't read the news for the next week, I'll stay purer in mind and heart?

LSP said...

I love the du Chardonnet Mass.

Adrienne said...

We are blessed to have an FSSP parish in our little area. You don't need a huge cathedral for a Tridentine Mass (although I wouldn't turn one down.)

The outside of the church is not much to look at, but the renovations inside are quite lovely.

LSP said...

It does look good, Adrienne!

LSP said...

And what can I say? The Devil hates Latin.

Fr Jack said...

Parson Woodforde alive and well in Texas!
Love it.

I enjoyed 17 years of rural ministry, being sneered at by those who thought I wasn't proper AC - as if they were with their boy friends and so on...

Good for you LSP - and keep adding to the humus.

LSP said...

Thanks, Padre.

You know, if someone had said to me when I was ordained that I'd find myself in rural Texas some 25 years later, I'd have laughed. And strolled over to St. Mary's Bourne Street for Benediction. Or whatever.

As it goes, I've never been happier. Being sneered at by certain members of the "fraternity" is probably a sign of doing something right. Well, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

That said, they're a good crew in the Diocese of Fort Worth.


Infidel de manahatta said...

I see my hatred for liturgical dance has many respected adherents.

And yes, good point about not becoming a church snob. That's a danger I've noticed in Catholics who prefer the extraordinary form mass.

LSP said...

Oh yes. The sooner liturgical dance is stamped out the better.

Mad Padre said...

I've always felt my soul drawn to the Anglo-Catholic tradition, even though I'm a graduate of a respectable, sensible evangelical seminary and proud of it. The problem is, I wish there was a book called Anglo-Catholicism for dummies, as I don't get most of it. I have a copy of the Anglican Breviary, I take it down and look at it every now and then, and don't really understand how it works. Sadly, for most of my life in the pews or as a priest, I've been in simple parishes with simple, godly people. I often think of the passage in Screwtape Letters where Lewis talks about impatience with homely plain worship as an opening to sin, so I think I get what you're saying.
I can shoot, moderately well, and I've been on a horse twice in my life.

LSP said...

Padre, you probably have a catholic heart, at least I feel you do.

"I've been in simple parishes with simple, godly people." Amen.

As for the Anglican Breviary, don't worry. Even Aquinas, in all his sanctity, would have a hard time working that chestnut out. Love S/Tape Letters.

I'll be in Calgary in a week -- would love to meet up.

Anonymous said...

You need a wide brimmed biretta and clerical gaiters or the other option is a Pith Helmet and a wild-pig stick.

LSP said...

I think the pith helmet might work best in the Texan climate...