Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm Headin' to Calgary

It's that time of year when I go North, to Calgary, and the land of the ice and snow. Unfortunately that means having to endure the nightmare of modern air travel, which is like taking a bus from Gloucester to Tunbridge Wells in the '80s.

But whoever said life would be easy? I remember no such promise, but I do remember that our elite rulers told us we're in a War on Weather.

There were tornadoes in Dallas yesterday. I guess that means we're losing that particular war; well done, team.

God bless,



Adrienne said...

Have a good time, LSP

jenny said...

Safe travels! I know tornadoes are a bit intimidating, but so are the rabid moose that tromp about the tundra up there. I'm just saying. Have you brushed up on what to do during an elk attack? Polar bear?
Remain vigilant!!

Brig said...

Safe journey Padre!

Euripides said...

We need to get a bunch of us together with .50 caliber BMGs and teach that weather a lesson.

Stay safe in your travels.

Adrienne said...

Jenny is very wise and gives good advice - and we thank her.

LL said...

There may be more moderate weather in Calgary than there is in Texas (where you haven't contributed enough to the Hillary Campaign for her to intervene on your behalf).

LSP said...

Thanks for the good wishes and excellent advice, everyone.

I'm not sure if they're winning the War on Weather here, because it's snowing. Surely the Canadians pay enough in tax to prevent that. But no, there is never enough.