Monday, December 7, 2015

FEMSOC Libs Go Full Burka

At Goldsmith's, who'd have thought?

The dismal spectacle of radical queer activists, feminists, and sundry other progressives, professing solidarity with Islamists is at once fascinating and enraging. Whatever kind of higher education survives in ISOC’s utopian caliphate, it’s certain that no feminist or LGBTQ+ societies will be permitted to exist.

Way to go, dhimwhits. You can read it all here.



LL said...

Ok, maybe they're not all bad.

LSP said...

Well, watch and behold as the eurolibs eat themselves.

lukeya said...

Goldsmiths is particularly bad even by the standard of UK student politics.

When I was at the 'University of Westminster' - ok Central London Poly, the jihadists were very active in the so called 'Islamic Soc' and the college banned them outright. That was a very long time what the hell happened?

LSP said...

Goldsmith's was always a "crew", I remember that, but still, good question. WTH?

Anonymous said...

They used to be called the '5th Column'. They were quiet keen on drag.

LSP said...

That adds a new dimension to the trans debate, Anonymous.