Thursday, December 10, 2015

El Nino Calls Out ISIS

Notorious weather bandit and cartel kingpin, El Nino, has threatened ISIS leader, Al Baghdadi, after ISIS interfered with a drug shipment.

“You [ISIS] are not soldiers. You are nothing but lowly p*ssies. Your god cannot save you from the true terror that my men will levy at you if you continue to impact my operation."

Al Baghdadi

“My men will destroy you. The world is not yours to dictate. I pity the next son of a wh*re that tries to interfere with the business of the Sinaloa Cartel. I will have their heart and tongue torn from them.” El Nino said in an email, reported.

El Nino is on the run, after escaping from a maximum security prison in Mexico, and is popularly known as "Shorty."

It seems a new front has opened in the war on ISIS, but who will win? Shorty, or Baghdadi?

The bets are on,


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