Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Essence of Islam

Everyone's scratching their heads and wondering about the essence of Islam. Is it a violent war religion that drives its adherents to go out and kill people at pop concerts and Christmas parties, or is it a philosophy of peace?

Jeh Johnson, US Secretary of Homeland Security, has come to the rescue, speaking at a mosque in Virginia.

"...The overwhelming, overwhelming majority of American Muslims, and Muslims worldwide, are men, women and children of peace, who seek to live their lives in peace, and want nothing to do with terrorism. Anyone who does not understand this does not understand Islam. The very essence of the Islamic faith is peace. The standard greeting As-salamu alaykum is 'peace be upon you.'"


Now we know, the very essence of the Islamic faith is peace. I guess that's why Mohammad was such an advocate of non-violent resistance against, I don't know, the Khaybar Jews, for example. It's probably why he defined non-Muslims as living in the House of War and never led an army in his life. Ever.

The Prophet x10

Jeh, for your invincible dhimwittedness, you get an outstanding 10 out 10 coveted John Lennon Heads.



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