Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hillary High on Fog of War

Reports are in that Hillary Clinton, Democrat frontrunner and member of the country's NWO ruling elite, is in the grip of a dangerous new drug, NdK, or "Fog of War."

Fog of War began to spread through the nation's capital in 2012 and his since become an epidemic, affecting politicians, the media and members of the intelligence community. Cooked up in improvised labs on Capitol Hill, Fog of War is easy to produce, giving addicts an instant sense of well-being and a feeling of invulnerability. 

Hillary Clinton is its most recent victim and shows classic symptoms of the drug, such as chronic lying, secretiveness, entitlement, ambition, and greed.

Often mistaken for psychotic sociopaths, Fog of War users typically show no concern for others or accepted social morals. High on the drug, the addict believes him or herself to be above these standards, usually with disastrous results.

Addicts will go to any lengths to cover up their crimes in their drug-fueled, ruthless, search for power.

Just say no.


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