Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Russia Mocks Obama

Well known for their lively sense of humor, Russians haven't been slow to scorn and mock President Obama, comparing him unfavorably to Vladmir Putin.

Lately, this has spread to Syria, where a popular Russian phrase, Obama is a Schmoe, appeared on the runway at Latakkia.

But that's not all. The US President has also appeared on cutting boards as part of a family of monkeys, and even featured in one town's drive for greater cleanliness, in a poster accusing Obama of being an "unwashed chimney sweep."

One Russian company even dedicated a line of ice cream to the US Commander in Chief, "Chocolate and Vanilla." With rainbows.

Is this simple racism on Russia's part? Or is there something about Barack that doesn't inspire respect.

Surely not. That would be, you know, inconceivable.




Adrienne said...

Since I don't read Russian, I'll have to take your word for it. Given a choice between dinner with Putin or Odumbo, I'm afraid Putin would win hands down. That's not to say I think he's a nice guy. I just think he would be fun, and, no doubt, very charming. Now, if they threw you into the mix, I'd absolutely choose you! After dinner we could go shoot guns and ride horses. It would be super nice if LL and Brighid could join us.

LSP said...

I think Putin would be great fun and doubtless charming, unless you crossed him. He's Christian, too, unlike Obama, and likes women. Perhaps "Michelle" has poisoned him, somehow?

But after dinner guns and horses? Yes, yes and again I say yes. LL & B should join in too.

Mad Padre said...

I think it would be grand fun living in Putin's Russia - unless you disagreed with him. Russian dissidents tend to have unfortunate accidents or be mysteriously murdered.

LSP said...

It might be unwise to try and threaten Putin, padre. That's just the feeling I have.