Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump Call -- Stop Muslim Immigration

He's been called a demented shark and the latter day reincarnation of Pompeius Magnus, but is Donald Trump a Nazi for calling for a pause to Muslim immigration? The MSM thinks so, they're apoplectic, the Democrats aren't far off, and the GOP establishment fearfully scorns him.

Jihad Killers

But here's Naomi Ragen; granted, she has a dog in the fight, but maybe we all do. She thinks the Donald is a "moron" by the way:

And so if you welcome them into your country, and give them good jobs and educations, and you throw them baby showers, and allow their foreign born fiancées K-1 visas to enter the country, they will add to their anger their contempt because you are weak and foolish and don’t understand that they are at war with you and want you dead.
And your politicians, who are still getting advice from CAIR, will outlaw guns to make it easier for them, because they don’t need licenses for guns, believe me. But you will.
And the states who had the guts to stand up to Obama’s flooding the U.S. with “refugees” will all back down, the way Texas has. After all, why would you want to fight against a nice Syrian family – two lovely parents, two lovely grandparents, two little kids? And why wouldn’t you give a visa for the lovely fiancée of the environmental health specialist from San Bernardino with their lovely, dimpled six month-old baby? Why?
So you will. And in return you are going to get San Bernardinos all over the U.S.A.

More Rainbow Muslim Immigration, Please

 You can read it all here, and ask yourself. Muslim immigration, what could possibly go wrong.

Beat back the Jihad.



LL said...

Trump wants to stay relevant and he knows that in the US media market, the way to do it is to be an attention whore. I think that it will backfire on him, but he's leading the pack so far.

Jeb! and some of the other Republicans need to fold their tents, but Jeb! has a lot of money, so he won't. The others in the low single digits have too much ego do to other than continue to run and distract from the issues.

LSP said...

He sure seems full of himself. I hate that. But the others? Who are they, anyway/ Oh yeah, Jeb! And the Cubans.

lukeya said...

But c'mon Padre. The man is Orange and his hair is like a trash can lid in the wind. He may well be an alien himself.

LSP said...

He might well be, Lukeya. I don't discount that for an instant.

LSP said...

And why do they always go orange? It's like an Oompah Loompah conspiracy, or something.