Saturday, December 5, 2015

Walk Against Jihad

Everyone has to play their part in the war against global Jihad, and I did mine, by taking Blue EOD for a walk through the autumnal boulevards of ye olde Dallas this morning.

My K9 ordnance expert  wasted no time sniffing for potential IEDs and keeping a keen nose out for any random sleeper cells that were thinking of cooking-off for Allah.

He launched at a bus that roared by the 7/11, it wisely didn't stop, and at a Salvation Army truck. Come to think about it, I'll have to work on his threat recognition software...

Then, after a mile or so, the patrol was over and we found ourselves back at HQ. Unscathed. I thank God for that.

Mind how you go,



LL said...

I'm surprised at you. There were likely jihadis on the bus and inside the Salvation Army truck (great cover - the DLC needs a couple of those trucks). Now they're in the wind, and Blue Detector is back home, taking a nap, having expended himself for Queen and Country.

LSP said...

LL, I stand justly rebuked.

LL said...

Tell the Bishop for me that the DLC needs a full and intact armory, mounts and re-mounts. That's what it will take to form "God's cavalry".

Wouldn't the Dauphin arm Charles Martel?

LSP said...

I'll pass that on to the Bishop. I'd say there was a clear and pressing need for the right kit to do the job.