Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Head of Intelligence

Bark, Bark, Howl, Bark! It was Head of Intelligence, Blue Gehlen, giving his usual predawn stand to. You know, that eerie hour or two when you scan the perimeter, waiting. Or in my case, catching up on email and saying Morning Prayer.

This Dog Says Liturgical Experts Are Clowns

And none of your modern rubbish either; I use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Why? Because it's better than the newfangled, pitifully translated, soapy pablum that was foisted off on us by the liturgical experts. What a crew of clowns. Ignore them.

Then it was time to take my security chief on a quick recce patrol as the sun was rising over the church. 1st RV was at the local Pick 'n Steal, where everyone was buying Blunts and lotto tickets. I got a coffee and moved out to the 2nd RV, a chainlink fence by the Disciples of Christ church. 

Keep The Agency on a Tight Leash

Blue Gehlen resupplied on an old tootsie roll while I drank coffee, like a warrior. Then we headed back to the Compound; all in all, a pretty typical morning. Next stop?

Visit the flock and shoot pistols.

God bless,



Adrienne said...

Well, at least Blue Security is keeping you safe from tennis balls. Never, ever trust a tennis ball. The White House Christmas display dedicated to the first dogs (who act as completely untrained and dumb as their owners) has two "Christmas" trees made out of tennis balls. I kid you not.

LSP said...

And so they add to their list of crimes.

LL said...

Blue Sentry is simply reminding you to stand-to at least one hour before daylight, as is his duty, because that's when they like to hit you.

I'm shocked that ANYONE in Hillsboro would violate the law with the heavy law enforcement presence there. I forget precisely what you told me - on the order of 800 (including prison guards) who live in town? Not to mention their loyal crime-fighting dogs.

LSP said...

As I understand it, there's appx 800 employed directly/indirectly by LE, out of a population of less than 8000.

And still there's criminals, despite the dogs.

LL said...

Maybe Hillsboro needs more churches?

LSP said...

We have quite a few of those already. You'd think the pastors would put a stop to the gas stations selling watermelon flavored "blunts" -- I kid you not...

But seriously -- maybe being a county seat, with a jail, accounts for the high LE presence? That, and a long history of lawlessness.