Monday, December 14, 2015

Bishop Jon Bruno Forked Tongue Reptilian Space Creature

Los Angeles, California, is well known for space alien infiltration, and it seems its TEC diocese is no exception. Diocesan leader, bishop figure "Jon" Bruno, has been described by one expert, AS Haley, as having a "forked" tongue.

Via Anglican Ink -- "A prime example is the Diocese of Los Angeles, led by the litigious J. Jon Bruno -- he of the forkèd tongue. For nine years he waged war in the California courts against four dissident congregations to prevent them from keeping title to their own parish properties. 

Artist's Impression

"Using the notorious Dennis Canon, he was singularly successful in having California courts impose an irrevocable trust on the local parishes' real estate, so that when they voted to withdraw from the diocese, they necessarily forfeited all rights to their property.

"But his victories came at a tremendous cost: the Diocese had spent more than eight million dollars as of last year, and was still incurring more costs..."

Is "Jon" Bruno a human being? Or a shape-shifting reptilian, from another galaxy or dimension? Is "Jon," even the bishop figure's real name? We doubt it.

And remember this, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. In space, no one can hear you scream.

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LL said...

Joh Bruno and his ilk exist in power because evil people want them there.

LSP said...

But the question is, how many of them are actually human?

Bruno. What a bullying fraud.

LL said...

Clearly they are inhuman. But (as in the television series V) humans can fight back against the oppression of lizards wearing "skin suits".

LSP said...

I know it's an unfashionable concept, but surely I think it's our duty to fight back against the Lizards.

It'd be a shame, for example, if Hillary got to the White House.

LL said...

If she is anointed queen lizard, I'm sure that she'll start serving rats for food at the White House because we all know that lizards prefer to eat their food live.

LSP said...

That bodes ill for Huma. And Yoko.