Monday, December 28, 2015

Calgary Hippy Discovers Rhodesia

After a grueling flight, which was delayed by 3 hours because the plane was broken, I arrived in Calgary. It was good to be back in the land of the ice and snow and I checked in to the Hyatt, downtown.

A Typical Calgary Bar

Good stuff, I like the Calgary Hyatt and it's fun to walk out of the hotel and into the blinding snow, to look at the shops on Stephen Avenue. I was doing just that when a tall hippy came up to me, complete with long hair and beard. He was wearing a pink vest over his coat, and I noticed the pink outfit had a curious logo. "Because I'm A Girl," it said. Hunh, I thought, incisively.

Stephen Avenue Attacked by the Weather

"Can I speak with you for a moment?" said the hippy. "Sure," I replied, "but only for a moment." Heartened by my friendly man-in-the-snow demeanor, the hippy asked where I came from, then launched into his pitch. 

"I'm with Because I'm A Girl."
"Oh, you are?"
"Yeah, we're the oldest community development organisation in the thir... developing countries."
"You nearly said 'third world,' didn't you."
"Uhh, yeah, I guess I kind of did."

The Because I'm A Girl Hippy looked pretty sheepish and started to make a pink-vested excuse for his thought crime. I interrupted.
"Look, I really don't care. I still call it Rhodesia."
"Rhodesia? What's that?"
"Zimbabwe, mate."

Realization dawned on the face of my new friend, and Because I'm A Girl gaped, like a bearded Bass; then he began to laugh. I headed off to look for snow boots.

Make of this what you will.



Mattexian said...

More than a few of the "Whenwe" crowd, on the book of faces, recalling the days of Ian Smith.

jenny said...

I saw the second pic and was immediately like, "Damn. Should have warned him about bison stampedes..."

But it seems to me that if you're adept enough to handle an attack by a pink vested nutjob, you've done your proper research and prep. I feel confident that you'll be just fine. :)

Still. Remain vigilant!!

LL said...

I could offer an opinion but it might hurt Bruce Jenner's or VP Joe Biden's feelings. And you're in Canada, eh?

Some people were dropped on their heads as children and no good came of it.

Mad Padre said...

>Hunh, I thought, incisively.
I couldn't have put it better myself. I liked the bearded bass line, that made me laugh.
Pity I don't live in Alberta anymore, I'd happily have a drink with you in that bar.
All the best for the new year.

LSP said...

Oh yes, Mattexian.

LSP said...

I know, Jenny. All very guy on a buffalo...

LSP said...

Ain't that the truth, LL. I think Because I'm A Girl got off rather lightly.

LSP said...

And to you, Padre.

Next time I'm in Ontario it might be fun to meet (I always forget you're not in Alberta, for some reson).

Glad you liked the Bass line. It was, ahem, accurate.

darlin said...

LSP welcome to my world, a mere three hours away I can relate to the weather, the need for snow boots, but the Because I'm A Girl, must be only in Calgary eh? Can't says that I've run into any of this here in the capital city of Alberta.

LSP said...

Hey there, Darlin. Happy New Year!